Separated from Africa 165 million years ago and located 400 km from the African coast, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, with an area of 592,000 km2 and a flora and fauna unique from all others.

Madagascar is an island to explore for its unique culture from Malayo-Polynesian immigrant people mixed with Africans resulting in a”BLASIAN” population.

Lemurs are considered the main attractions of Madagascar, with over 110 species and subspecies, 100% of which are endemic. But other mammals such as the fossa, and the incredible bird life and array of chameleons and geckos cannot be overlooked.

Madagascar Unique Discovery Tours is an initiatory and receptive travel agency and tour operator.

Created by professionals who love Madagascar and have worked in the field of tourism for more than 10 years, Madagascar Unique Discovery Tours designs unique products that provide sensational and unforgettable experiences. As importantly, we impart an understanding and appreciation for this authentic destination full of unique encounters and discoveries.

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