The great loop west-south of Madagascar from Morondava to Tulear promises a unique and exciting adventure.

This loop visits fishing villages such as Belo sur Mer, where you can admire the traditional shipbuilding (Botry) specific to this region.

Continuing towards Andavadaoka and Salary, the song of the water birds accompanies your adventure as the road follows the sea and lagoons.

In Salary, water activities such as snorkeling and diving will delight fans of the sea and its creatures.

Further south, relaxation at the breathtaking beach in the village of Ambatomilo provides the energy to continue on the road to Tulear.

And finally, upon reaching Tulear, the adventure continues over the famous RN7 back to Antananarivo.


This combination of the West and Baobabs Circuit and the famous Tsingy de Bemaraha offers more excitement and adventure.

Traveling 200 km from Morondava, this tour travels through a dry forest and passes through an entire baobab forest.

A motorboat trip up the Tsirimbihina River adds to the adventure, and observes the Sakalava people and their culture, as well as biodiversity along the shoreline.

On landing in the small village of Bekopaka is the gateway to the spectacular geological formations known as the Tsingy. Mountains and peaks of limestone extend as far as the eye can see – itsa unique assemblage of fauna and flora awaits!