From Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, take the famous RN7: unique and breathtaking landscapes occur throughout. Winding hills, terraced rice fields inherited from Polynesian culture, and architectural structures specific to each region definethe membership of their ethnic group, and will enhance the journey.

This circuit provides the chance to discover the sandstone formations of Isalo and the rainforest of Ranomafana; to walk around volcanic lakes; and to meet lemurs in the iconic parks of Madagascar.

Finally, the island’s most renowned lagoons, such as Ifaty or Anakao, will offer unforgettable stays on the beaches of the Indian Ocean.

  • Minimum duration: 8 days
  • Specificities: arts and culture, hiking, fauna and flora
  • Attractions: landscape of the highlands, lemurs of Anja, arts and culture of ethnic groups, parks and nature reserves, Baobab and southern thorny forests


For those in search of a lush green landscape, a visit to the rainforest of Andasibe is a must with its countless species of fauna and flora that delight botanists and bird lovers alike.

This forest is also home to 11 species of lemurs, including the Indri indri, the largest living lemur who sings an exceptional song.

Continue the journey to the heart of nature, a boat trip through the Canal des Pangalanes to the Palmarium. The Palmarium is famous for its numerous palm species and lemurs that join guests during breakfast, creating unique memories of Madagascar.

Then discover the city of Tamatave, one of the major cities and economic assets of Madagascar where all commercial transactions are done.

Always in a green setting, and in the Indian Ocean, the island of Sainte-Marie awaits with its paradisiac beaches and underwater riches.

  • Minimum duration: 5 days
  • Specificities: botany, bird watching, hiking, fauna and flora, beaches
  • Attractions: Andasibe primary forest (Mantadia), Indri indri, humpback whaless in Sainte-Marie,


Departing from the capital, the road offers a unique journey with authentic landscapes as we discover the attractions of the western part of Madagascar..

Known as the “City of Water”, Antsirabe amazes travelers with its, hot springs and volcanic lakes like Tritriva and Andraikiba..

Countless discoveries await on the way west to Morondava, which is the capital of the Menabe region and home of the Sakalava tribe. Multitudes of birds,rare tortoises with flat tails, and crocodiles of the Nile are among the main attractions of this part of the island.

Go on a hike to discover Kirindy Forest, a sanctuary of flora and fauna endemic to the region. The baobab path is an unmissable passage with an incomparable sunset. Here,  3 of Madagascar’s 6 species of baobab are found, while only a single species exists on the continent of Africa.

Among the species not to be missed in the Kirindy Forest is the famous Fossa, the carnivorous predator that feasts on lemurs and other denizens of the forest.

  • Minimum duration: 5 days
  • Specificities: botany, bird watching, hiking, fauna and flora, photography
  • Attractions: Kirindy, Baobab Alley, fossa, dry forest, birds, lemurs


The northern part of Madagascar encompasses unique and biodiverse riches and is a real lemur palace. With its famous lake and sacred waterfall, the rainforest of Amber Mountain is home to endemic species of wildlife such as crowned lemurs and one of the smallest chameleons in the world, known by the name “Brookesia”.

Continuing down the road to the southern part of the region, the Tsingy of Ankarana National Park provide the opportunity to admire the world’s most outstanding geological formations Ankarana also provides the opportunity to visit a bat cave as well as underground rivers.

This itinerary also uniquely explores the cocoa, ylang ylang and vanilla plantations which are treasures of the region.

And to close the trip, experience one of the most beautiful beaches in the world on the paradise archipelago of Nosy Be, with its fine sands and blue sky.

  • Minimum duration: 8 days
  • Specificities: geology, photography, bird watching, hiking, fauna and flora, beaches
  • Attractions: Amber Mountain rainforest, chameleons, Nosy Be beach, Ankarana tsingy, lemurs